Aaron Cathcart builds egg chairs.

 "Every living thing has a story to tell. Adversity, triumph, defeat, and perserverance are all a small, but familiar, part of the common thread that we share as living beings. Life is an age old mystery and only the strong and cunning will survive it's many perils to leave a legacy. In the end, all our many accomplishments, trials, tribulations, and deeds become the fruits from which new life and new ideas feed. Such is the cycle of life.

    I am humbled to share my story and my craft with the world; to take part in a traditional practice is to reach back thousands of years and learn from people who were doing exactly what I'm doing now. To add my own ideas and techniques to the ever-expanding body of wisdom, and to then give it away to future craftsmen just like myself is truly meaningful. Wisdom is mankind's greatest asset.

   Here are my additions to that vast body of age old wisdom. I sincerely hope you enjoy them."                                                                                                                           -                      - Aaron Cathcart